By local artist, P.Noy

The middle child of 5 daughters, Noy was born in 1985 in Ban Saphanthong (Vientiane District).  She grew up in what is a typical Lao family; her father is a worker and mother & sisters have to sell meat and vegetables at the market to put food on the family table. 

As a child, she draws on land and dreams of becoming an artist.  A few miles from her, a Vientiane artist Anoussa Phommamoueng shares the same dream …  When a family member introduces the two of them five years ago, it's the beginning of a lasting love affair between them and painting.  As a present, Anoussa offers the young woman some paint tubes and local sa paper.  After she saw pictures of his paintings, she, then, starts painting on her own. 

            A few years go by and as the relationship intensifies, Anoussa and Noy get married.  With her husband’s guidance, Noy learns how to mix colors and some new techniques. But Anoussa wishes for her more freedom in her art, as he says “she hasn’t learned all the rules they teach you in school, she is more honest when she paints because of it”.

            The 18-year-old paints whenever she gets a chance.  Having spent most of her life surrounded by women, she paints of them. 

            December 2002, with her introducing exhibition “Intimate Portrait”, she achieved a level of success rarely attained by new artists; she sold out in less than two weeks.    

           Followed by “Life Still” April 2004, her second dedicated exhibition, she admits of being a little scared about this new change in her life “I don’t know how to talk about art or how to be an artist.  I don’t think in terms of exhibitions. I just want to become a better painter”!  But, she accepts what the future has in store for her and continues to paint as it helps her relax and makes her happy.   We do wish her the best!

          Since 2004, she had 3 other successful exhibitions and plan two international Exhibitions for  2015.  You can see her early work in  “ Lao Contemporary Art” book. 

             She is still promoted by “Kopnoi Art Gallery” Luang Prabang, where she has a permanent Exhibition. Early this year, Kopnoi Art Gallery sponsored the painting for the commemorative poster for the new Children Hospital in Luang Prabang, Laos.